Corona Pandemic, The Best Way To Overcome This Tough Time

Posted byMeditation USAon June 11, 2020

Life of Nature’s Flow

The attachments one has in his mind are

the root of his thoughts.

Thoughts can also be called a ‘thought-mass,’

which is the body of images one has in his mind

due to the existence of his individual self.

Those images are what confuse man uselessly;

they begin in the thoughts that man has in his mind

and then are directly manifested in his deeds

without even thinking.

Deeds are no different from thoughts,

but since his thoughts precede his deeds,

Man falls into utter distress.

Humans must live in a humanly manner

in order to be human,

but if man lives a life that is full of turmoil,

then he is living a life that is not true.

Writings are the representations of the mind,

and my writings are my message.

But people have yet to understand its meaning

due to the images they have in their minds.

The countless people of this world

each have their own images

from which they are unable to escape.

Images belong to man;

images are futile.

Everyone must recover the Jung and Shin –

the true Body and Mind –

know the one Truth,

and thus wake up from their delusions.

The affairs of the Universe all follow the flow of nature,

but man creates klesha after klesha

and performs deeds that stem from his karma.

The Universe always follows nature’s flow,

but due to his life,

man lives creating habits and karma –

karma from which he cannot escape;

this is why humans are the most foolish.

No matter what,

nature alone remains silent.

Nature follows its flow without a word,

while only humans live creating kleshas.

They do so because of the self-inflicted turmoil

caused by the false deeds and habits

that they have acquired from life.

Thus it is none other than man himself,

who is the champion of creating

his own sense of self-image

and thus hinders his own salvation.

Flora and fauna just live and die by the flow of nature,

but man is the only existence that creates images

which are what shackle him.

It is when man realizes that the image is not an image

that he will be able to live a true life;

that this procession called life will be one which is lived

following nature’s flow.

A life that is of nature’s flow is an unhindered life; it is not a life of kleshas but one that is lived without being lived in; it is a life without falseness but a life of oneness; it is a life absent of attachments; it is the non-existent life. Thus you must live a life that is not about eating well or living well, but one that follows the flow of nature. The flow of nature is the universal order; it is the logic of the Universe; it is the act of existing as you are without attachments.

– Woo Myung

These days, because of the corona pandemic, the economy has come to a halt and people are unable to go about their daily lives. As such, many are finding this situation to be difficult and weary. At this time, it is still up in the air as to when exactly this shelter-in-place will come to an end and life can resume as normal.

As shown in the verse above, difficulties arise from the mind when we do not live a life of nature’s flow, so it is of utmost importance to clean up our minds through meditation during this period. Meditation is to get rid of one’s false mind – all the thoughts and mindsets i.e., difficulties, pain, fear, depression, all come from the fake, the imaginary self.

Those who do not possess self are able to follow the life that nature lives because they are completely free from the anguish and negative human minds. People can truly enjoy complete peace and freedom only when they have the mind of nature’s flow.

The life of holding onto one’s painful self and living for that self is not nature’s flow and as the saying goes, what goes around comes around. Falseness begets falseness and so we must practice to get rid that false self as soon as possible, so that we will be able to live completely in harmony with the world.

It is because one’s self exists that makes life difficult and painful. Now the perfect way to get rid of the fake self has come into the world.

Anyone can eliminate the self in this way and live the world again with wisdom and without burdens as the true self. A new method has emerged for the new era, and now is the time for everyone to become a true person. I hope that in this day and age, people will not miss out on this simple and golden opportunity to finding the true self and that we can all live together in the true world.

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