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Posted by Meditation USA on September 16, 2020

Sae-gae-il-bo 2004.09.13

‘Ma-eum Su-ryun’ is a unique meditation method from South Korea. Its special seminars are scheduled in three European countries starting London, Frankfort, and then Paris with Woo Myung, the founder of Ma-eum Su-ryun.

Ma-eum Su-ryun, which started about 8 years ago and has a main center in Nonsan city of Choongnam, has approximately 40 South Korean local centers plus about 30 international centers worldwide with at least 100,000 members. It is registered as an incorporated association by South Korean government of administration and also designated as a life education center and teacher training institute.

These seminars were arranged by Mr. Hongsoon Moon, a 57 year-old who was the director of South Korean financial supervision and a financial manager of Shinhan Bank, as well as a Paris branch manager of Hankook bank. We met Mr. Moon in Seoul to speak to him about Ma-eum Su-ryun. The following is a series of questions and answers.

―What is the background of offering the special seminars in the European countries?

“Since Ma-eum Su-ryun has started, the centers had been expanding to the United States for the last 2 years. So this year, after Asia and Pacific areas, we are expanding to Europe to offer the Ma-eum Su-ryun method to our South Korean residents abroad as well as native and local Europeans who would be interested in Asian spiritual culture.” 

―What was your personal motivation and experience in regard to the Ma-eum Su-ryun?

“Often I had interest in fundamental questions like, “who am I?” and “what would be a true life for me to lead?” In November of 2000, I read a book written by a professor about his experience of the Ma-eum Su-ryun and it motivated me to start it. I was originally planning to attend just 2 weeks, but with an amazing experience of the meditation, I stayed for 3 months to finish up to 4th level of the meditation. I cried a lot of tears of repentance and I realized all of my life which I led up to now and thought was a good life, was in fact false. Of course, all of the questions I had were solved through this meditation. More than anything, I was fortunate to recover my original self, to now live the life of nature’s flow.”

―What are some of differences between the Ma-eum Su-ryun and other meditation programs?

“First, other meditation programs typically focus on calming minds so the remnants of minds still remain; but  Ma-eum Su-ryun focuses on cleansing minds, leading to uprooting and removing false minds completely. Ma-eum Su-ryun enables individuals to become Truth itself and transform them to live truly, whereas other programs often limited to merely talking about truth. Another difference is that anyone – women, men, old or young, regardless of their religious faiths or professions – can experience its beneficial effects in a relatively short period of time.”

―Who is Mr. Woo Myung, the founder of the Ma-eum Su-ryun?

“He is from Uesung city of Kyungbuk province. He had owned and managed an educational academy and publishing company in Daegu. While he was meditating at Mt. Gaya during January of 1996, he accomplished becoming Truth. He founded the Ma-eum Su-ryun that year to enlighten the public about true mind and Truth. He received a Mahatma Ghandi Peace Award from International Association of Educators for World Peace (IAEWP)andwas appointed a World Peace Ambassador. Currently, he is devoting his time to mainly writing and lecturing in order to distribute the Ma-eum Su-ryun method to the worldwide masses.”

―Why do we need the Ma-eum Su-ryun?

“Many of us live not knowing answers to the life’s fundamental questions on life and death; and live in stress and anxiety on daily basis. The Ma-eum Su-ryun is necessary in order to break free from life’s limitations and find great freedom and true happiness.”  

Reporter: Song, Sung Gab/


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