For Those Suffering From A Panic Disorder

Posted by Meditation USA on July 23, 2020

Young-Soo Ok / Accounting Office

Panic disorder is a very difficult illness to describe. From out of nowhere, I can suddenly feel extremely frightened. Sometimes my head feels so hot, it feels like I’m going to die from severe fever. These symptoms come without notice. It can occur at a soccer game when somebody yells loudly, it could be a sudden explosion sound effect from a movie, it could be something as simple as the abrupt stopping of a car. Sometimes, while driving through a tunnel, I’ll get anxious and want to jump out of the car and run. I’ve always felt like there was nothing I could do about this. Nothing serious ever happened as a result of my panic, but the worst-case scenario was unfolding in my head…

Responsibility and Pressure Build as Head of the Family – Developing a Panic Disorder

It was about 10 years ago when I started to feel this panic. At that time, I became very dizzy and had so many headaches, I decided to go see a doctor. I didn’t think my condition was that serious. At first, I thought it was caused by drinking alcohol. Panic disorder was relatively unknown back then, so often times it went undiagnosed. My case was so severe, they knew it was really a panic disorder and the doctor prescribed medicine for me. The meds didn’t help my symptoms, though. They were only for calming down my seizures.

I continued to take this medicine for 4-5 months and I was constantly sleepy and my mind was vacant. My productivity at work went down quite a bit and my socialness was suffering as well. It was right about this time that my family recommended that I try meditation.

I started immediately. As I let go of all of my old remembered thoughts, I saw my burdens: head of the household, big sense of responsibility, having to earn money to support my family. All of this thinking was what made me want to drink alcohol and escape the pressures. This was causing my panic disorder!

If You Let Go of Your Pictures, It’s Easier to Control Your Panic Attacks

In my mind, all the emotions and thoughts that emerged under certain circumstances were stress, so I kept throwing away all of the pictures I had accumulated in my life. I also let go of all my fear of panic attacks, difficult experiences, and anxiety. As soon as I was 100% sure that those minds didn’t really exist, I was able to control my panic attacks more easily than with any cognitive therapy.

The more I discarded the pictures from my mind, the better my symptoms became. Soon, I stopped taking medicine and hardly ever consumed alcohol at all. Now I know that if there seems to be any signs that I may panic, it’s possible to prevent my stress and mind by just letting it go. This meditation is like a dream and I am so grateful to be able to overcome the terrible panic disorder that I had. My prayer, as a person who has suffered the pain from this disease, is that everyone who is struggling with panic disorder should just meditate and escape from your pain and suffering.


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