I’ve Finally Found the Book I Was Looking For My Whole Life: The Way to Become A Person in Heaven Wh

Posted by Meditation USA on July 24, 2020

by Mary Williams

I was always curious about what the purpose of human life really is and where we go after we die from a young age. So, I attended the church with my parents and meditated at a Buddhist temple with my friends in college. But I was always curious about the truth and couldn’t find the answer as to why people are living and where they go after words. I have many books (about 500) that are related to this subject.

Even though I had all of those books and information, I couldn’t find the answers I was seeking. I met a friend who introduced me to a book titled: The way to become a person in heaven while living. I’d never heard the author’s name before and just read the book without any expectation. As I continued to read this book, I started to feel what Truth really is and I began to find the answers to the questions I’ve always had through my life. And finally, I got the answer: this is the book that I had been searching for all of my life.

In general, it can be very difficult to comprehend these kinds of philosophical or religious books. Sometimes it’s tough to find the purpose or the point. In this book, however, the points are made very simply so that even a high school student can understand. Why are humans living in this world? Where do we go when we die? After reading The Way to Become a Person in Heaven While Living, I no longer have any questions.

I immediately wanted to meet the author of this book and discuss it with him. The message was so strong: become a person that goes to heaven while you’re still alive. We need to find our True self while we are alive and that True self can live forever. 

Our physical body is made of material that will disappear in time. In this book the point is emphasized repeatedly that the universe which is the truth of the mind will never disappear. The explanations in this book are simple and easy to understand and the ideas that are explained are clear and concise.

This book has a very simple message. It’s the story of Truth, the reason why humans are on this earth and attaining eternal life. If you aren’t curious about our existence or how we can live forever, this book may not be for you. But, if you’ve ever wondered about our existence in this universe, you will probably read this book in about a day. This book is written to answer all of your questions. There are also some poems written by the author after he reached enlightenment. Just reading through, this book brings comfort and peace.

I’ve personally experienced having less attachment to my life after reading about Truth, nature and God. Whether you consider yourself to be religious or not, if you read this book once you will better understand what Truth is. Highly recommended!

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