Meditation Cured My Kidney Disease

Posted byMeditation USAon June 30, 2020

Hee-soo Kim / Housewife

My kidney problems began to become severe at the age of 25, right after I got married. The problem became more severe with even a little bit of stress in my life. Some nights, I couldn’t even sleep because of the pain. I was always tired. If I drank water, my face would swell up like a balloon. I was ashamed to go out. My doctor told me that chronic stress was the cause of my kidney pain. I seriously started to think I was going to die because even the medication that he prescribed to me wasn’t helping things. That’s when I remembered being told about this meditation method…

Cleaning my mind was cleaning my disease

As soon as I started meditating, it felt like my mind was a full trash can that had just been emptied. I began to be able to clearly see myself and how I was behaving. My childhood years were tough, growing up with a very strict father, and I had a lot of suppressed anger. My relationship with my in-laws was no better. I got married thinking life would be better than before but I was soon unsatisfied and gave my husband’s mother and father the cold shoulder. I blamed my father, my husband and my mother-in-law for everything and it was giving me a lot of anger and stress in my life. My body was sick because my mind was sick. I had done this to myself.

Being grateful for my ordinary, everyday life

After a month of meditating, my kidney pain had almost disappeared. As I practiced, I shed the tears of so many toxic thoughts. My face was no longer swollen. Also, things changed. Before, I was so weak, I wasn’t able to talk for more than 20 minutes. But now I don’t feel tired any longer. After getting rid of the negative thoughts such as ‘I can’t do it because I’m sick,’ I started to become more positive and bright. My friends now say I am more healthy and comfortable to talk with. Now I am so grateful for ordinary, everyday life with no more pain or stress.


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