Meditation Made Me See The World Differently

Posted by Meditation USA on August 17, 2020

Hyungjun Seo / Office Worker

I’ve always enjoyed movies since I was a young child. I always wanted to be the hero in the movie, or the main character of the movie. I wanted to love, to succeed and even wanted to travel in time. In reality, I was imitating one of the main characters of a movie and living in a fantasy. I wanted to live a great movie-like life. I had graduated from high school, entered college and served in the military quite easily.

I’m Saddened With My Disparity Between Fantasy and Reality

On the surface, my life was that of a happy and successful plot. But my mind was full of insecurities, inferiority and severe guilt. I always worried about the future, but I didn’t take many actions to change my future. I had expectations and hopes for a future where I was going to be just as great as the heroine that I created in my mind. Just like in the movies, the protagonist, who was not real, was alive and well and was caught up in their dream to reach a happy ending.

That dream made my reality a more pitiful state of being. I always thought that my sad outlook couldn’t be real. In reality, I thought this was fake. As the gap between reality and my fantasy increased, I wanted to find myself and live the life with the real me.

The “real me” that I thought I was before starting this meditation was always thinking: I like what I do, I do it well, just work and live. I thought finding what I was good at was really finding me. In the military, I learned about meditation through reading a book. The day I was officially discharged from the military, I immediately sought out this meditation.

The Main Character in the World I Created Was This “Me” and It Was Only a Fantasy Film

This meditation wasn’t a practice to find out how to eat well and live well if I follow the steps. It was a simple process of abandoning my mind, which is a real thing, by simply trying to find the “real me,” which can be seen when I throw away a false me. As I followed this meditation method, I was able to check the results within my mind. Every ‘I’ I thought was a virtual image. When I subtracted the ‘I’ from the virtual image, the real me came out.

I was a character who was seriously confused. As I lived, I thought that I was the main character in the world. Everything was for me, the world revolved around me, and the rest of the people in the world were all extras. Pretending to be humble and good, I personally thought I was better than others. It didn’t mean anything to think that someone else was better than me; it only meant a lot to think that I was better than others. God was also a significant character that existed for me. He was a supporter who listened to my wishes, protected me and acknowledged me to make me successful on earth and then live forever in a wonderful existence after death.

The Real World is Better Than a Fake Movie

My life was just one movie which I had filmed. I was in my mind world where I was the director. However, the main reason that the main character was poor was that the movie was not in the real world. It was a virtual image without real film. When I dumped the film in my mind that I had taken, I was able to confirm my true appearance. The true appearance of me, revealed only when I discarded the false me that has no life.

It was the Universe before the Universe, the world before the world itself. From that standpoint, I acknowledged that the movie called life is a fake, and that there is nothing in the movie. Then all the problems in life were solved. I have confidence in my mind about where I come from, why I live, and where I go when I die. This meditation has helped people like me to know the answers to the most important questions in life.

There is no way to express how great it is. This meditation is the most noble benefit the world has ever given me. It opened my eyes to how good the world is and how precious all relationships are. Now, the real world is better than fake movies. It is cooler.


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