Meditation Story: If You Want To Be Happy, Start With ‘Throwing Away the Mind’

Posted by Meditation USA on August 24, 2020

Ben Wong

Until I did this meditation, I thought I was an ordinary person. I wasn’t comfortable in my life – not even for a single day. Because I was a free spirit, I changed my job often. I was an arrogant and selfish person. I lived this way because it was “right” in my own mind world.

Start This Meditation With the Mindset That ‘There’s Nothing to Lose’

I had close friends and family, but I lived without caring for the people around me. I was always trying to get something from someone else. I only saw things from my own point of view. I considered that only my thoughts were important and if something went wrong, I would blame the surrounding environment and other people. I was very dissatisfied with my life.

One day, a college friend told me about this meditation. This friend told me that meditation had positively changed her life and changed her point of view to see the world. I started this meditation with the mind of ‘Why not? There’s nothing to lose.”

Up until this point, I’ve always felt something lacking in my life, but I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what it was. I tried to somehow fill that void. So I tried reading, exercising, dating and hobbies, and even traveling, but the fun did not last long and, eventually I was stressed out again. This meditation had the opposite effect on my life. It was counter intuitive to the way I was living: always stuffing my feelings and thoughts deep inside of me. This method is a very simple and easy meditation that involves “throwing away.”

A Way To Unclog My Mind

Okay! Now let’s get rid of my unfulfilled heart, no matter how much I try to fill. Just thinking about this gave me relief. Before I even started practicing this meditation, the method itself was just so amazing, it seemed to open up my clogged mind. Through the practice, I learned how to treat others, how to think of others and how to live with others. I came to see what kind of person I was and I felt ashamed.

In my well-off childhood, I could have everything I wanted through my parents.

However, I was very lazy and liked to be treated well, so I tried to get everything in life easily without any effort. It was the same in my adult life. I didn’t want to sweat to get good results and I always rolled my eyes at putting in effort. I was a very proud person. Whenever I argued with my friends, I always wanted to prove that they were wrong and to win the fight.

Also, I didn’t know what to do with my life. I couldn’t answer the most basic questions: ‘Who am I?’ and ‘What is the purpose of my life?’ As my mind changed from time to time, the destination of my life always changed. When I was out of work, I was worried about getting a job and when I got a job, I complained about working. I was always under stress, easily bored and distracted.

I Don’t Acknowledge Negative Thoughts While Practicing This Meditation

I got a job again and started anew. My boss told me to do this and that, and if I made a mistake, he always pointed it out to me. If it were the same “me” before the meditation, I would have quit the job after a few days. But at some point, I realized that I didn’t have any negative thoughts or irritation. What is even more surprising was how I began to put myself in the position of my boss and then trying my best to look back and fix myself. The boss started to really trust me. I have been a much more efficient and sincere employee, not the lazy and slothful person I was in the past. I have been working steadily for 2 years without any change of mind and I’ve recently been promoted. It was the longest working life ever. It’s an amazing change.

My mind towards my friends also changed. I stopped fighting about trivial things like I had in the past and I was now able to give to others a little bit more comfortably without any expectations or rewards. I learned that the world is a beautiful place and that it always gives me everything I need.

I am grateful for the presence of my family and friends by my side, and I feel so grateful to this world that allows me to breathe and stand on my feet. I am so thankful to this meditation. I want everyone to live with the same happiness and peace as I do.


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