What I Learned From Nature

Posted by Meditation USA on August 28, 2020

Jung Won Oh

During the shelter in place, I decided to start a vegetable garden. I planted seeds and I took care of them with my utmost sincerity. 

Many of the vegetables I planted didn’t survive. Once the seedlings outgrew the pots, I began the process of transplanting them out in my garden. The conditions outside were much more harsh than inside so some more seedlings died from being eaten by rodents and bugs. 

During this process, I found myself wanting to give up and stop wasting my time. I was frustrated when I witnessed an entire chili pepper seedling disappear overnight with only the root and part of the stem remaining.

Thanks to years of meditation, I could reflect on my mindset of wanting to give up when I am faced with difficult situations. This condition helped me recognize that clearly and so I could let it go and move on.

Amazingly, the surviving vegetable seedlings got stronger and grew faster over time, regardless of the harsh conditions outside. After three months of persistence, I have now been rewarded with organic kale, sesame leaves, green onion, arugula and lettuce. And my zucchini plants are starting to bear baby zucchinis. It’s so wonderful.

This process reminded me of my meditation journey…

Just as the baby plants emerged and broke through the soil at the right conditions, my true original mind broke through my false ego gradually, as I cleared my mind with the meditation method. Even after years of meditating, learning and changing a lot, I still lived with my ego because that was my comfort zone. I came to a point where I realized that in order for me to truly grow, I had to push myself to step out of my comfort zone and become rooted in my true original mind.

Once I started to become rooted, my ego began to disappear faster and my true original self grew stronger. As a result, true happiness, creativity, and positivity began to emerge. I could serve others truly, and that’s been my greatest pleasure and blessing.  The quote, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way” is so true. Nothing comes easy in life. Just like the plants survived and bore fruits, we need to be persistent and enjoy the thrill of this life given by the Universe, and reward will follow.


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